Radiology & ECG in New Orleans, LA

Your pet’s health is our team’s top priority. We provide  radiology & ECG services. here at Avenue Animal Wellness + Emergency board certified consultation are available.
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In veterinary medicine, radiography is a helpful diagnostic technique. We are happy to offer radiology services as a way of giving top-notch treatment to our customers as we consistently work to provide the finest calibre medicine and diagnostic tests.
A radiograph, often known as an x-ray, is a sort of image that may look within the body and reveal details that might not be seen from the outside. Nearly every organ in the body, including the bones, heart, lungs, and abdominal organs, can be examined with radiography.

Radiography employs only extremely small amounts of radiation and is painless, safe, and totally non-invasive. The size, form, and location of many of the body’s organs can all be determined by radiographs, as well as the condition of the bones. In addition, radiography can be used to diagnose a wide range of other disorders, including bladder stones, broken bones, persistent arthritis, several diseases of the spinal cord, and many others.


We provide on-site ECG services and cardiology service consultations. It is crucial to watch for and test for indicators of cardiac abnormalities in dogs and cats since their hearts can experience the same issues as human hearts, particularly as they age.

A veterinarian can examine your pet’s heart with a non-invasive procedure called an electrocardiogram, or ECG. It gauges the pet’s heart rate and regularity as well as the size and placement of the heart chambers. In addition to cardiac measures, an ECG will show any heart damage that may already be present. Similar to humans, your pet’s chances of receiving a successful cardiac treatment rise with early discovery of heart issues.

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