Oxygen Therapy in New Orleans, LA

Oxygen therapy is an excellent option for pets because it speeds up the healing process and can potentially reduce or eliminate the need for more invasive procedures.
Photo of a golden dog

Pet Oxygen Therapy

At Avenue Animal Wellness + Emergency we provide Oxygen Therapy. Since many years ago, human medicine has used hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBO) to treat a wide range of conditions, from anemia to the “bends.” Few veterinary facilities countrywide are now using it, making its application in veterinary medicine rather new. In order to provide extra oxygen to the tissues throughout their body, your pet will be placed safely and comfortably in a chamber with 100% oxygen and an atmospheric pressure up to three times that of normal during hyperbaric oxygen therapy. This lessens the pressure brought on by brain and spinal cord injuries, as well as reducing swelling, promoting the development of new blood vessels, improving wound healing, and enhancing infection management.
Because it expedites recovery and may perhaps lessen or eliminate the need for more invasive procedures, hyperbaric oxygen therapy is a fantastic choice for pets.