Full In House Lab in New Orleans, LA

At Avenue Animal Wellness + Emergency, we have advanced veterinary diagnostic tools as well as a highly-skilled team to use them and interpret the diagnostic results.
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Full In House Lab

At Avenue Animal Wellness + Emergency we provide a cutting-edge in-house laboratory to deliver key answers at crucial times. Our Idexx Catalyst system offers complete blood counts (CBC), urinalysis, thyroid tests, and chemistry studies of physiological systems such the kidney, liver, and pancreas. We also provide in-house testing for feline leukaemia and FIV, canine parvovirus, canine pancreatic lipase, canine tick fever, feline and canine heartworm illness, canine and feline heartworm disease, and in-house faecal assessments. In addition, we submit additional samples to a number of top-notch laboratories around the nation for review, including Idexx Reference Laboratories, University of Arizona Diagnostic Laboratory, Reasearch Associates Laboratory, Spectrum Labs, and Minnesota Urolith Center. Regardless of your pet’s circumstances, we have a laboratory equipped to carry out the necessary testing.

Digital Cytology

At Avenue Animal Wellness + Emergency our veterinarians will offer to do cytology if your pet has a skin infection, ear infection, or masses in order to more accurately diagnose the problem. To identify bacteria, fungi, mites, or to determine the types of cells that make up a tissue or mass, cytologists collect samples of cells from the area of interest and examine them under a microscope.

The pathologist who does the secondary examination for your pet may advise it in order to corroborate the cytology findings.

Photo of a golden dog