End of Life Care in New Orleans, LA

The decision to euthanize will be the most difficult decision you will make as a loving pet owner. We are here to help you and your pet.

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End of Life Care

One of the most difficult decisions we as pet owners may have to make is saying goodbye to a beloved member of our family. Our team will be there to support you as you make the difficult decisions associated with end-of-life care. We will address all of your concerns regarding hospice and euthanasia and offer you support during this difficult time.

Knowing that our elderly pet partners may be in pain from a variety of conditions, such as intervertebral disc degeneration and degenerative joint disease, is very tough. The staff at Avenue Animal Wellness + Emergency specializes on using a variety of diagnostic procedures to treat senior companion animals and those who have terminal illnesses. Maintaining your pet’s health as the end draws near is of utmost importance. We can provide individualized quality of life assessments and support in identifying and managing pain.