Schedule an appointment We highly recommend annual visits for dogs and cats as it is an important part of preventative heath care for the furry family members. Any heath issues are better treated the earlier they are spotted, and it’s very cost effective. Regular check ups are a great way to keep your pet healthy and happy!


We offer 24/7 emergency care for dogs and cats. If your pet is having an emergency please call us at 504.265.8659. We also have some information under our resources page which can help identify common poisons and other things that can harm your pet.

Preventive Care and Vaccinations

Regular check ups are a great way to keep your pet healthy and happy! Annual visits to your veterinarian are recommended for all dogs and cats, and as they get older, more frequent visits are often advised to ensure any health concerns are identified and addressed as quickly as possible. Taking a preventive care approach is the best way to advocate for your pet's health.


Pharmaceuticals are an integral part of modern veterinary medicine. We stock a wide variety of medications for both preventive care as well as treatment of health conditions.

Visit our online pharmacy to learn more.

Laser Therapy (coming soon)

Three cheers for modern veterinary medicine! Laser therapy is a painless, non-invasive procedure, which uses light to increase blood circulation, release endorphins and stimulate cell regeneration.


Our hospital houses a state of the art surgical suite stocked with everything needed for both emergency and routine procedures.


Each year millions of pets go missing. Microchipping has become the modern standard way to find a lost pet. These microchips, which are about the size of a grain of rice, are implanted just below the skin to safely and permanently serve as a way to identify your pet. Hospitals and shelters around the country have scanners which can be used to read the microchip's unique ID number.

Sick Visit

Being ill is no fun for us, or our pets! ...and sometimes a trip to the doctor is in order. If your pet is not feeling well, we are here to help. If you are unsure if your pet needs to come in, please call any time to speak with a veterinary technician or veterinarian to discuss your pet's symptoms (504)265-8659.