Regular preventive care is the foundation of your pet's good health, and vaccinations are an important part of this care.

Bringing a puppy home is a very exciting time for you and your family! Whether you have had pets all your life or this is your first furry family member, we want to ensure your lifestyle changes and your pet's transition to its new home are as smooth and uncomplicated as possible.

Your puppy was born with a level of immunity passed down from their mother. As they get older, that immunity wears off, and it becomes necessary to vaccinate them in order to keep them protected from some potentially life threatening diseases. Over the first several months of your puppy's life, we recommend several visits to the vet to ensure healthy growth and good habits.

Here is what to expect during your puppy's first visits:

1st Visit (8 weeks): Initial exam, DA2PP, Bordatella, Strongid (dewormer), Fecal exam, new puppy kit

2nd Visit (12 weeks): brief exam, DA2PP, Lepto, Influenza, Strongid

3rd Visit (16weeks): brief exam, DA2PP, Lepto, Influenza, Rabies Vaccine (1yr), Strongid, Microchip

Important topics to discuss during these initial visits:
House training
Nutritional needs
Heartworm/Flea/Tick/Intestinal Parasite Prevention
Emergency Care